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Get 100% natural Matula Tea here - it's everything you would expect, plus more! Matula is one of the most unique and purest herbal preparations available.

Grown only in the wild, and found only in remote mountain ranges in Southern Africa, these pure and natural herbs make Matula really special. This proprietary formulation comprises premium quality, ALL NATURAL wild and non-GMO herbs.

These natural herbs are ground and sun-dried, before being precisely blended according to a secret recipe handed down through the generations. Matula contains no artificial additives, and is completely safe to drink.

Matula Tea DOES NOT CONTAIN any traces of wheat, caffeine, gluten, corn, soy, milk, egg, sugar, colorings or preservatives. No animals are used in any way or any form during production and testing of any Matula™ products.

Matula Tea is conveniently packed in sealed and protected sachets. A total of 60 Sachets are then packed in a box as shown below, and this makes up a one month supply.

Matula Tea is packed in an FDA Approved facility and has a 2 year shelf life.

COVID-19 update -- We are still able to ship orders worlwide through DHL and FedEx. Due to flight cancellations and delays it may take two to three days longer than the normally expected 5-7 business days. All packages are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to distribution. Orders from our website will therefore continue as per pre-virus protocol. Customers will be notified if any changes become necessary.

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