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FAQ's - Using PayPal

Q."How can I order Matula if I live in a country that is not included in the list of countries on the PayPal online Order form?"
A. You can now place orders and make direct payment into our bank account. Simply click here and choose the Flag that suits you best. Then follow the instructions in the middle of the next page, where you are asked if you would prefer to make a direct or offline payment.

Q."Why am I having problems making payment through PayPal?"
A. One of the most common problems is when you don't enter your name exactly as it appears on your Credit or Debit Card. Please make sure to use the same case, Capitals or lower case exactly as on your card. Another common problem is when you have not entered all the details required by PayPal. Please check that you enter all your details correctly.

If you are still unable to complete your transaction with PayPal then please call one of these numbers;
USA and Canada 1-402-935-2050
United Kingdom 08707 307 191

PayPal's friendly operators will be there to assist you. They are open between the following hours:
4:00AM to 10:00PM Monday through Friday
6:00AM to 8:00PM on Saturday and Sunday

Q."What can I do if PayPal does not accept my type of card?"
A. PayPal accepts a number of different Debit or Credit Cards. If you do not have one of these cards, then try PayPal's eCheque payment facility.

Q."How do I place an order for Matula?"
A. Click here to find our "Buy Now" buttons and press on the one relevant to your needs. Once you have done this, you will automatically connect with the PayPal website to continue with payment process. Please follow the instructions and provide the information required. This should only take a few minutes, and then your payment will be processed. PayPal will send you an order confirmation by email, and we will also confim your order and payment by email.

Q."After I have placed my order how long does it take to ship it to me?"
A. It will take a maximum of 2 business days, but normally we ship 1 business day after we have received your order. The only exceptions will be when we have a Bank or Public holiday in the country we ship from, or when we are waiting for additional information from our customers.

Q."Can I place my order for Matula over the phone?"
A. No - this is in the interest of your own security. At the moment we can accept orders through PayPal, or by direct bank transfer.

Q."Can I buy Matula anywhere else?"
A. At present, Matula can only be purchased directly from this website.

Q."I don't have a computer of my own. Can I ask a relative or friend to place an order through PayPal on my behalf?
A. Yes you can. Please ask your relative or friend to use all their own details when placing the order. As soon as the transaction is complete the person who made payment will be returned to our site, and an option to change the shipping address will be given. We can then ship your order directly to you. It is important that you ask your relative or friend to add both your name and your address, because you will have to sign for your order when it is delivered to you. We use this method to ensure the least possible risk through the Postal Service. Alternatively, you can opt to make a direct or offline payment.