Offline Payment Options

If you do not want to make payment via PayPal, or you do not have a bank account, then you can choose to pay by one of the offline payment options below.

For your own security we do not take credit card details over the phone.


1. Telegraphic Transfer - via your bank.

This does work out a bit more expensive for you due to the cost of bank charges that must be covered from your side.

If you live outside of the USA, you will need to use your local currency to buy US Dollars which your bank will then pay to us.

Here are our bank details, most of which will be required by your bank when you make payment;

Beneficiary’s name: KB0971368USD1DANKIRZARLTD
Beneficiary’s Bank: CITIBANK LONDON
Correspondent Bank: CITIUS33
Account Number: GB59CITI18500812230852
Swift Code/Bic: CITIGB2L
IBAN: GB59CITI18500812230852

You may also need to provide your bank with our bank’s physical address details as follows;
155 The Terrace
New Zealand

The cost of one box of 60 sachets of Matula Herbal Formula (including shipping charges) will be as follows;

1. USD181.45 for Fast Track delivery (4 - 6 business days to USA shipping addresses only), OR...
2. USD170.75 for Registered Airmail (15 - 20 business days to ALL countries)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure that the full amount of $170.75 or $181.45 USD is received by our bank.
This means you will have to instruct your bank to charge all transactions fees to your bank account.
Please be aware that short payments will delay the process, and that the cost of further transactions may cost more in bank charges than the short payment itself. 

2. Western Union

We are now able to accept payment via Western Union. When paying via Western Union, please direct your payment to;

Dankirzar Limited  (OR…Gavin (first name) le Roux (last name) if they won’t send to our business name)
7-49 Browns Bay Road
North Shore City
New Zealand

The payment required for one box of 60 sachets of Matula Herbal Formula will be as follows;

1. USD181.45  for Fast Track delivery (3 - 5 business days to USA shipping addresses only), OR...
2. USD170.75  for Registered Airmail (approx 15 business days to ALL countries)

When you send payment please also make sure you advise us of the following;
1. your full name
2. the amount sent
3. the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) from the receipt you received for your payment, and
4. the country you are sending the payment from.

As soon as you have made payment you will need to inform us at this email address;
offline-payments @ 

Once the funds have cleared we will contact you by email to verify shipping details.


Your details are safe with us - please see our
Privacy Statement
for more details.