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Dankirzar Limited

The matula-naturals.com website is owned by CMC Limited, Mauritius and is run under licence by Dankirzar Limited, a New Zealand based marketing and consultancy company specializing in promoting niche market natural herbal products.


matula-naturals.com was originally developed to provide you with safe and easy access to purchasing premium natural products on the internet. Our products are not available in retail shops, so you are not exposed to any unnecessary mark ups and profit taking.

Our Mission Statement

First and foremost our mission at matula-naturals.com is highly focused on providing you, our valued customer, with unparalleled excellence, integrity and confidence in the products we either sell, or recommend.

Our Mission is to establish and instill a considerably higher level of expectation and faith in 100% natural products.

We have already been able to achieve this for the following reasons.

  •   Firstly, we are highly selective and very thorough in investigating any products that we choose to promote.
  •   Secondly, we aim to give you total confidence and peace of mind with the products we recommend.
  •   Lastly, matula-naturals.com recommends only highly effective products that have been scientifically tested.

Our Values Statement

We are uncompromisingly committed towards the following values:-

  •   Exceeding Expectations with innovative Solutions and excellence in Customer Service.
  •   Our primary motivation is our passion is to help you to realise the value of using natural products.
  •   Practicing the highest levels of Integrity, Respect, Trust, Commitment, Sincerity, Honesty and Excellence at all times.
  •   Providing you with total confidence in our products.
  •   Providing you with absolute facts about our products without any misleading information or claims.
  •   Undertaking to answer all correspondence promptly and accurately.
  •   Strictly keeping our promises to you as stated in our Privacy Statement.